Visual Cultures
Sociology Student Symposium
April 12th, 2014, 9-5pm
Rosetti Hall

The theme of this year’s Sociology Student Symposium on April 12th, 2014 is “Visual Cultures.” This theme will explore the ways in which sociological issues in the world around us are visualized and represented. This can include the visual culture such as television, the Internet, photography, documentary film, advertising; as well as the ways in which everyday life and social issues are represented in visual research or creative projects.

~~9am—9:40am: Registration & Breakfast~~
(Rosetti Hall lobby)
Kaitlin DiCristofaro and CJ will provide schedules, name badges and any information needed by attendees.

~~9:45am: Opening Remarks on Visual Cultures~~

with Dr. Mathew Johnson (Rosetti Hall lobby)

~~10am—11:20am Concurrent Sessions~~

Panel 1 (RH 117): Race and Ethnicity in the Media. Presenters: 1) How Television Advertisements May Reinforce Stereotypes,” Natalie Topalian, Chris Caimano, Megan Crandall, 2) “Portrayal of Women in Rap Music,” Imani Powell, Alexandra Clark, William Solin, 3) Gracie Lyn Besse, Sean McDonald, David Lentivech, Sarah Lieberman, and Dr. Anna Hill (moderator)

Panel 2 (RH 104): “Sociology Senior Capstone,” Amir Lewis (moderator), Camille Tulet, “How does the Atlantic Yards Project affect the Brooklyn community socially and economically?” Lauren Recchia “Empowerment Through Adaptive Sports.” Adriana Schutz “Factors that Influence the Aging Experience.” Priscilla Grimes: “Education Behind Bars: Insights into correctional education.”

Panel 3 (RH 120): “Fighting for Freedom and Justice: Studying the Civil Rights Movement,” Dr. Paul Murray (moderator) and presenters: Megan Crandall, Deanna Danzy, Susana Diaz, Monique Jenkinson, Jabbar Johnson, and Shae-Leigh Pararella-Voorhees.

Documentary (RH 225, 2nd floor): Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky of will show their documentary, “Patron Saints,” capturing five years in a nursing home and the characters which inhabit it.

~~11:30am—1pm Concurrent Sessions~~

Panel 1: (RH 117): “Visual Culture and Visual Representations of Race and Racism,” Tamu Chambers, Lauren Aiken, Ashley Dunbar, Morgan DuBois, Lori Jeanne Taylor (HVCC).

Panel 2: (RH 122): “Critique, Produce, Act: Sociology Student Research, Media Campaigns, and Video Production Projects,” Dr. Sudarat Musikawong (moderator), Tiffany Gilmore, Katie Considine, Delancy Rives, and Jeff Osur.

Documentary (RH 104): Craig Saddlemire screening of “Household: Four Stories of Kinship and Curiosity” (co-sponsored by the Damietta Cross-Cultural Center)


~~1:10—2:10 pm Keynote Speaker Lunch~~
(The Norm, Saga, 1:25-2pm)
Douglas Harper: Visual Sociologist 

~~2:20pm—3:30pm Concurrent Sessions~~

Panel 1 (Rosetti Hall 117): “Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries—Travel Course,” Shannon O’Neil (moderator), Dustin Stiffler, Katherine Stark, and Hillary Tuite. “Rural Sustainability: Scotland,” Mathew Johnson (moderator), Claudia Congemi, TBA,

Panel 2: (RH 120) “Sociology Senior Capstone,” Priscilla Grimes (moderator), Nichole Moocz: “Systematic Denial of the Noncitizen: A Critique of the United States Immigration and Deportation Policy.” Taylor Carey: “A Study of the Equestrian Subculture.” Amir Lewis: “Same Sex Marriage and the U.S. Military.” M. Newman Tuite: “Dual Identity of Muslim Americans.”  

Panel 3: (RH 104) “Cultural Policies,” Presenters & Papers: Michael D. Naylor, “The New Language of Our Culture: Texting,” “Politics of Birthing in the United States,” Ian Lloyd. “On Fan Cultures,” Elizabeth Urresta. Patricia Erickson…

~~3:40pm—5pm Closing Documentary Film & Desserts~~
(RH 104): “The Throwaways,” with director Bhawin Suchak (co-sponsored by the Damietta Cross-Cultural Center)

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